Exploration of the relationship of object and human on a ground without grip

Research on Artificial Ice | 2018-2020

Photos: ©Vitale Vaugin; ©Veronika Paraskevaidis

The smoothness of a floor of ice changes the relationship between object and dancer in relation to their respective stability. Contacts redefine themselves. Pulse transmission and maintenance give completely different facets to the numerous layers of the complex theme of “relationship”.
Objects can become an important, perhaps even emotional point of reference in the course of social isolation – a substitute for human relationships.
How do people and objects connect on an unsafe surface?


With skates I explore dialogues of my body and static objects.
What risks, obstacles and vulnerabilities do I encounter? What own form of aliveness can emerge here?



My thanks to Moins5 and Cyberglace Ice Rink in Monéteau, France for supporting numerous research sections on the cold slippery ice. A follow-up project is in the planning stage.