Continuation: interdisciplinary research on synthetic ice

Reseach on synthetic ice | interdisciplinary | 2023

Photos: ©Dominik & Barbara Siegmund

The combination of contemporary dance on plastic ice with contemporary circus and the opening up of public space conceals treasures of as yet untapped artistic potential.

Through research in the fields of site-specific performance, ice rescue, exchange with various disciplines of contemporary circus, stilt and vertical dance, as well as the development of supra-regional and rural space, new networks were established and extensive foundations for future project concepts were formed.


This in-depth research was inspired by the initiated collaboration, shared dreams and visions with Klaus Borkens* – friend-to-become, project partner, mentor.


Interdisciplinary Exchange


In short physical encounters with stilt, cyr wheel and vertical dancers we developed negotiation situations in our different 'play' with gravitational forces.

What potential does my dance on ice and blades have for contemporary circus?


Participating artists:

Milena Schulz | Anna Vilhelmiina Peltola | Esther Geyer | Alejandro Lariguet | Elisa Siegmund


Site-specific Performance


Synthetic ice opens up versatile, season-independent possibilities for site-specific dance on ice skates. Different physical "seeing habits" form the starting point for an in-depth material and movement research for an art in or with the site.


Physical and digital research, conversations and workshops were used to develop tools for dialogue with spaces and to test "site-seeing" as a fundamental artistic approach.


Research in:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Brandenburg, Saxony


Ice Rescue


An additional introduction to ice rescue creates a first basic knowledge in dealing with natural ice and opens thought-space for the development of site-specific performances on frozen waters that lack the safe "double bottom" of an artificial ice rink.


Research in:



Guide Ice Rescue:

Katja Grohmann


*Memories of a great treasure

You shot into my life like a comet. Just as quickly you burned up.


Friend-to-become, like-minded visionary, sought-after-found mentor...

...lost before our shared creative journey beyound our blossoming visions could truly begin. Saddened by the sudden, deeply upsetting, missed goddbye.

Not yet ready to let you go. Sensing fully well that you still have your energetic fingers and wonderful spirit in the "game".


Grateful from the bottom of my heart for the (too short) encounter, for the intense, happy time... .


Klaus, you are missing.

This research was supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.



I am very grateful for this support and the opportunities it opens up.