Conflicting stabilities as a challenge

Research on Synthetic Ice | 2020-2021

Photos: ©Lichtfänger Leipzig

Residency in the temporary project space E34 of IceLab Leipzig.


When one foot is put in a technically sophisticated ice skate while the other is in a sneaker, a complex dilemma arises in the body.


In the simultaneity of these different conditions on a slippery surface, unique conflicts and qualities reveal themselves in the body. Both feet create their own insecurities and loss of balance. They create special forms of an unstable reality.
Controversies and dependencies are negotiated on a floor of synthetic ice with its own materiality, opening up a wide field of fascinating movement possibilities.



This research work was supported by the IceLab Leipzig, the eiskunst-werkstatt birgit aust and numerous helping hands in Leipzig, Berlin and Eppendorf (SN).
I would like to thank all those involved.