First encounter with synthetic ice

Research on Synthetic Ice | 2021

Photos: ©Katja Grohmann

New possibilities are opening up with synthetic ice. As a plug-in system, the CO² neutrally produced LIKE-ICE! plates can be used anywhere without water or energy consumption.

For artistic work on and with ice, an undisturbed rehearsal atmosphere in a protected space is essential – yet not commonplace.

The temporary project room E34 of the IceLab Leipzig offered a residency opportunity for getting to know this special floor with the necessary basic conditions:



  • a rehearsal room with a pleasant room temperature for practical work on the ice
  • an 80 sqm large, clean, dry and health harmless LIKE-ICE! synthetic ice surface
  • a retreat for immediate preparation and follow-up work outside the ice
  • a secure storage facility for own equipment on site
  • versatile use of the available light
  • video and sound recordings free of background noise
  • individual, unmolested usage times



Many thanks to the IceLab Leipzig for this wonderful opportunity.