Artist Statement

by Elisa Siegmund / February 24, 2020 / in About / 0 comments

Or what you might want to know…

As a dancer and choreographer, I move on different surfaces:

Artificial ice in ice rinks, environmentally friendly and sustainable synthetic ice, with luck on regional natural ice and, last but not least, with the absence of ice.

I tell my stories of togetherness between the heaviness of life and the lightness of gliding.

Contemporary dance with ice skates is conveyed through technique and aids and deals with new contexts. The medium of ice with its intrinsic qualities and ecological dimensions is an immanent aspect of my work. Its coldness, crystals and melting processes characterize my field of work.

Dwindling resources, a life in flux, the search for balance and constantly changing soils determine and shape my artistic path.

I am constantly exploring the potential of my dance in encounters with artists from different genres, including painting, film, music and contemporary circus. We leave our familiar spaces and challenge the common adventure of the unpredictable.

Elisa Siegmund