Tender Contradiction

Solo Performance

Ice. A chair. A human being. Nothing else in an empty room. 


Is what appears strange to me risk or freedom? 

Is what I know really safety or is it merely habit?


Security in the familiar.

Yearning for change. 

Inner disruption.

An inkling of freedom at the end of space.

The power of an object to bind a person to a place.

Movement on the frozen ground of both inner and outer spaces.



Tender Contradiction premiered at the Young Artists Showcase an international worldwide competition for young figure skating choreographers in 2010.


This was followed by performances in Germany and New York City.



Elisa Siegmund


Elisa Siegmund


Yann Tiersen - Le Jour D‘Avant


Patrick Hennigs

Premiere Europe

Fabulous on Ice, Cologne / Germany, 2010

Skate ‘n Smile – Die Show, Berlin / Germany, 2012

UNFREEZE Contemporary Ice Skating Festival Berlin / Germany, 2018


Young Artists Showcase, worldwide via Internet, 2010

Home Season and Benefit Gala events of the Ice Theatre of New York, New York City / USA, 2012