Solo Performance

An experiment in gliding motion and acceleration dance.

Choreographic explorations in a new space.


How exactly can a dance phrase be transferred onto the ice?

What happens when “static” dance movement is superimposed on the gliding motion that ice demands and both are merged?

Does movement performed on ice automatically change dance movement into something that glides? How does the audience’s optical perception of dance change in the vastness of the new space provided by ice?

What adjustments must be made to the demands of this smooth medium?

Can static dance movement lose its spatial limitations? Can ice-skating movement lose its association with sport?


Stop.Go.Rewind. premiered at the international festival for contemporary ice skating -5° Sur Scène in Monéteau, France in 2014 and was awarded the festival’s Prix du Jury.



Elisa Siegmund


Elisa Siegmund


Apparat – Fuckedup

Sound Effect

Thierry Voegeli




-5° Sur Scène, Monéteau / France, 2014


American Contemporary Skating Festival,

Boston / USA, 2017