Blind Date

Solo Performance

A relationship mirror without realationship


An emotional game, a projection of hopes, desires, and dreams onto a balloon.


Can an imaginary relationship be brought into motion?

Does contact with the object change the gliding movements on the frozen medium, ice? How does the gliding motion change the relationship to the object?

Curiosity, play instinct and projection of desire develop a momentum of fluid static gliding and steady acceleration.


Blind Date premiered at the international festival for contemporary ice skating -5° Sur Scène in Monéteau, France in 2015 and was awarded with the festival’s Prix de l'Originalité.



Elisa Siegmund

Original Cast

Philipp Tischendorf


Sam Smith - Latch (Acoustic)

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith


Olivier Brajon





-5° Sur Scène, Monéteau / France, 2015

Stars & Sternchen, Berlin / Germany, 2015