UNFREEZE Contemporary Ice Skating Festival Berlin

Conception & Organization

As co-founder and co-organizer of the international UNFREEZE Contemporary Ice Skating Festival Berlin, I am happy to develop new visions and concepts together with my colleagues, to promote creative exchange, to open up further education and stage space, to attract audiences as well as to strengthen existing structures of networking, communication and collaboration in the genre of contemporary ice skating.


With festival WORKSHOPS, STAGE, Ice-JAM and CONFERENCE we create a platform and meeting point for national and international artists, festival organizers and all those who are curious about contemporary ice skating.


The UNFREEZE Festival 2018 and 2019 was supported by the Department of Art, Culture and History of the District Office Mitte of Berlin.



UNFREEZE Festival Workshops


The festival performance and research workshops are a forum for exchange and further education of active artists and figure skating professionals. Contemporary dance instructors and choreographers shift their own movement research to the medium of ice and develop physical, conceptual and choreographic approaches with the dancers on ice skates.


In guided improvisations they share their practices and methods and explore with us somatic work, contact improvisation, dramaturgical approaches, improvisation and movement analysis tools, among others.


Open workshops offer beginners and interested people a moving approach to contemporary ice skating in a protected atmosphere.

UNFREEZE Festival Open Stage


The festival stage gives interested Berlin audiences insights into contemporary ice skating performance and provides emerging artists a platform to show their work and work processes in public.

Through expert feedback and audience discussions, the actors are given the opportunity to reflect on it in a far-reaching way.



UNFREEZE Festival Ice-Jam


After the performances, audience and artists come into moving contact at the festival's joint Ice Jam.

Here the joy of dancing on the ice is shared and enjoyed while jamming together.




UNFREEZE Festival Conference


The Festival Conference supports the worldwide networking of artists, promoters, producers and festival organizers and creates space for professional-specific exchange. The aim is to establish, promote and consolidate solid, mindful as well as respectful communication and cooperation structures among those active in contemporary ice skating.


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