floating interspaces

Painting and Dance on / with ice

With brushes, paints and ice skates we explore processes between standstill and departure around the topic of water and ice. Our work emerges in the change of livelihoods, missing resources and accesses. In site-specific improvisation we open up a mobile of painting and dance. Thereby we search for starting points and strategies for cooperation and sustainable coexistence. We shift this process to changing places and create situations outside our usual frames.


Painting | Performance:         Nancy Görlach

Dance Performance:               Elisa Siegmund


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interspace 2.0 

48 Stunden Neukölln


In the context of 48 Stunden Neukölln 2022 we create a situational absurdity:

With ice skates, paints and brushes in their luggage, a dancer and a painter meet in the backyard of a bakery on a floor made of stone.

It is high summer.



interspace 1.0

Ice Rink Malchow


In search of synergy effects between gliding dance on synthetic ice and other art forms, our collaboration arose in the context of interdisciplinary research

Chances of a synthetic ice floor in contemporary dance.